The 2017 Nishma Research Profile of American Modern Orthodox Jews - This in-depth study is based upon the broadest survey ever conducted among this segment of the Jewish population. The survey received nearly 4,000 responses across the U.S., and explored religious beliefs and practices, how people see Orthodoxy as a part of their life, views relating to all aspects of shul, Jewish study, the role and status of women, children’s education, sexuality, Israel connection and advocacy, the community's successes, opportunities and biggest challenges. The report and much additional information are available in the Downloadable Files section below. In addition, CLICK HERE to access study information at the Berman Jewish DataBank, the world’s largest repository of Jewish Research.

Verbatim Responses – Verbatim responses are available below. Whether they are positive, negative, neutral, or factual, these are being presented in order to provide you with a much deeper understanding of what Modern Orthodox Jews are thinking, beyond the statistics.

The 2016 Survey of Those Who Have Left the Orthodox Community ("OTD Study") – This study covered the Yeshivish, Chasidic, Chabad and Modern Orthodox communities, and is available below.

Our Times of Israel Blog Articles – Check out our articles, including The Modern Orthodox OTD ("Off the Derech") Risk ..... Is There Danger of a Schism Within Modern Orthodoxy? ..... Is Orthodoxy Without God Sustainable? ..... and other research-based analyses. CLICK HERE to access these articles.

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