Nishma Research explores the issues facing the Jewish people. Nishma means "we listen" – our mission includes funding and conducting studies to promote better listening among the diverse strands of Judaism.

The 2016 Survey of Those Who Have Left the Orthodox Community was our initial such effort, and the findings are posted below.

Nishma has concluded the first-ever broad Survey of the U.S. Modern Orthodox Community. This survey is based on responses from nearly 4,000 Modern Orthodox Jews, and explores their religious beliefs and practices, views of the synagogue, Orthodoxy as a part of life, Jewish study, the role and status of women, children’s education, sexuality, Israel connection and advocacy, and challenges facing the community. The full report will be downloadable below – estimated release date October 2, 2017.

We would love to hear your suggestions for other topics to explore in the future.

Survey Image