Political Views of the Orthodox Community (Feb. 2020) - Conventional wisdom is that Orthodox Jews vote Republican, while the rest of U.S. Jewry leans strongly Democrat and Liberal. It turns out there is a lot more to the story, as revealed by Nishma Research’s just-completed survey of 1,264 American Orthodox Jews. Full report to be available 2/24/20; see articles providing highlights, below.

The Successes, Challenges, and Future of American Modern Orthodoxy (2019) - An exploration of internal and external challenges unique to Modern Orthodoxy, including issues of dissension and the impact, both positive and negative, of Modern Orthodoxy's interactions with secular society.

The Journeys and Experiences of Baalei Teshuvah (2019) – Reasons why people become observant, challenges and joys, the nature of their continuing journey, how they are different or similar to the "frum from birth" and what baalei teshuvah want the rest of their community to know about them.

The Nishma Research Profile of American Modern Orthodox Jews (2017) - The broadest survey ever conducted among Modern Orthodox explored religious beliefs and practices, Orthodoxy's role in their lives, views relating to shul, Jewish study, the role and status of women, children’s education, sexuality, Israel connection, the community's successes, opportunities and challenges. See the Downloadable Files section below. In addition, CLICK HERE to access study information at the Berman Jewish DataBank, the world’s largest repository of Jewish Research.

Survey of Those Who Have Left the Orthodox Community (2016) – This study covered the Yeshivish, Chasidic, Chabad and Modern Orthodox communities.

Our Times of Israel Blog Articles – Check out our articles, including The Modern Orthodox OTD ("Off the Derech") Risk ..... Is There Danger of a Schism Within Modern Orthodoxy? ..... Is Orthodoxy Without God Sustainable? ..... and other research-based analyses. CLICK HERE to access these articles.

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