Nishma Research is a full service marketing research firm. Our expertise lies in working closely with our clients – bringing to bear our deep understanding of the Jewish world – to develop and implement research that will provide the insights you need.

Custom Market Research

Every organization has unique research needs, of which the following are just a few examples:

  • Market sizing and identification – How to identify and reach new clients/members.
  • Membership – Why clients decide to join an organization.
  • Attitudes, expectation and needs – Clients’/members’ expectations; the services they most need and value; and their satisfaction, both overall and with various aspects of what the organization provides.
  • Concept testing – Feedback to identify new products or services to offer.
  • Establishing and tracking the organization’s performance metrics.

Nishma Research will work with you to design the research that will give you the information you need to grow your organization and improve its performance.

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Research Support Services

In addition to offering free consultation (with no obligation), Nishma Research has a full array of research support services:

  • Quantitative Research & The Nishma Online Survey Portal – We work with you to identify the issues you want to explore, develop questionnaires, program them at our online survey portal, extract and analyze the results and provide you with your confidential findings in the format you need.
  • Qualitative Research – We work with you to identify the issues you want to explore, develop discussion guides, recruit participants, moderate sessions (or work with you to do the moderation), analyze the results, provide full video and transcript services if desired, and provide you with your confidential findings in the format you need.
  • As appropriate to meet your needs, we conduct hybrid studies that meld quantitative and qualitative techniques.

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Shul Survey / Synagogue Member Survey

In today’s challenging Jewish synagogue world, more and more shuls are using member meetings, interviews and surveys to measure their performance across a wide range of attributes. Our Shul Survey program is a very quick, easy and cost-effective way for a synagogue to:

  • Confidentially survey all of your members
  • Get a profile of how you are doing in each of more than two dozen distinct areas
  • Identify those aspects that are most important to members, and those among them needing improvement
  • Identify how you stack up against comparable shuls on the most important attributes, and
  • Identify key groups of members that might be more or less satisfied

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Social Research

Nishma Research is a resource to conduct social research. We have conducted many broad communal studies, and all reports are available free.

Our mission includes conducting studies on issues that will improve communication within the Jewish community. In addition, we work with academics, students, practitioners and social services organizations to conduct and provide support to a variety of social research.

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