In today’s challenging Jewish synagogue world, more and more shuls are seeking the Voice of the Member. Better understanding members' views and needs is critical to growing the shul. To better hear from members, shuls may use surveys or group meetings to measure their performance across a few important aspects of their services and programming. Sometimes such research is done by members who have a bit of research know-how in using a quickie on-line survey site.


What is often missing from such home-grown efforts are:

  • They tend to probe just a few high-level aspects of their services and programming, and not the full range of the shul’s offerings.
  • They often obtain satisfaction ratings, but do not develop equally important metrics identifying the services and programs that are most important to members, and which will driving membership retention and growth.
  • They tend to be “top-line” reports, for all respondents combined, and don’t do deeper dives into important member sub-group (such as older vs. younger, men and women, those with children, differences by religious leanings or level of Jewish knowledge, etc.), which would prove deeper insights to help the shul address all types of members’ needs.

We are pleased to present Shul Survey – a fast and inexpensive way for you to survey your members in a professional, analytic and deep manner. For a low price starting at only $795, you will receive:

  • A consultation to probe your specific needs, so that the survey will reflect them;
  • Programming of an online survey customized to your needs, and an email link for you to send out to confidentially survey your members; or Nishma can distribute the survey on your behalf;
  • A complete, confidential report profiling how your shul is doing in each of more than two dozen distinct areas, and including results for every survey question, as well as the verbatim comments provide by your members;
  • Identification of the aspects that are most important to members, and those among them needing improvement;
  • Identification of key member segments that are more or less satisfied with the most important attributes;
  • Indication of how your shul stacks up statistically against comparable shuls on the most important attributes; and
  • Interpretation of the findings and recommended action plans to enhance membership retention and growth.


  • Base fee of $795, covering consultation, survey design and programming, survey execution, analysis and reporting, and including the first 100 responses
  • Plus $1.50 per response above the first 100 responses
  • Maximum price is $1,195
If you’ve been considering such research, let us help you to make it happen … and to do it right!