The 2017 Nishma Research Profile of American Modern Orthodox Jews is an in-depth study, based upon the broadest survey ever conducted among this segment of the Jewish population. Click the "Free Research Results" button below to access the report as well as media coverage and many of the verbatim responses we received. In addition, you may CLICK HERE to access study information at the Berman Jewish DataBank, the world’s largest repository of Jewish Research.

In 2016, Nishma conducted the groundbreaking Survey of Those Who Have Left Orthodoxy. Click the "Free Research Results" button to access the report.

Shul Survey – Nishma Research offers an easy, professional and inexpensive way for shuls to survey all of their members across a wide range of issues. This includes customization to ensure that the survey will address issues of importance to your shul. Click the "Shul Survey" link above for information.

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