Nishma Research has conducted four recent studies among the Orthodox Jewish population. All are essentially the first such broad, quantitative studies of their type, and they are all are available and downloadable free. Click the "Social Research" link above to access these reports as well as related media coverage.

(1) Starting a Conversation: A Pioneering Survey of Those Who Have Left the Orthodox Community (2016) – Why people leave Orthodoxy, the nature of their journeys, practices, beliefs, identity, community and relationships – across Chasidic, Yeshivish and Modern Orthodox segments.

(2) The Nishma Research Profile of American Modern Orthodox Jews (2017) – Religious beliefs and practices, Orthodox observance as a part of life, shul life, Jewish study, women’s roles, children’s education, sexuality, Israel connection and advocacy, overall successes, opportunities and challenges.

(3) The Successes, Challenges, and Future of American Modern Orthodoxy (2019) – Exploration of internal and external challenges unique to Modern Orthodoxy, including issues of dissension and the impact, both positive and negative, of Modern Orthodoxy's interactions with secular society.

(4) The Journeys and Experiences of Baalei Teshuvah (2019) – Reasons why people become observant, challenges and joys, the nature of their continuing journey, how they are different or similar to the "frum from birth" and what baalei teshuvah want the rest of their community to know about them.

Shul Survey – Nishma Research offers an easy, professional and inexpensive way for shuls to survey all of their members across a wide range of issues. This includes customization to ensure that the survey will address issues of importance to your shul. Click the "Shul Survey" link above for information.

Organizational Research – In addition, Nishma conducts qualitative and quantitative research for Jewish organizations. Contact us for a free consultation, to find out how we can help you to do better long-range planning, grow and retain membership, improve satisfaction, etc.